Reward yourself

IMG_3713It’s okay to spoil yourself at times.Iam talking to mothers out there who are putting in the hard work everyday,be it working mums or stay at homes .
It is very easy sometimes to lose yourself,but in the middle of the chaos ,stop and ask yourself “what have I done for myself “.
That’s not a selfish question.
You deserve to be rewarded for every hard work.
Reward yourself,as sometimes no one would do that for you.

It could be that lipstick you have always wanted or that dress that you always see at the window every time you pass by the shops and you think it’s out of your reach,go for it you only live once,after you there will never be another you.
Iam not asking you to spend a lot there is so many options out there without breaking the bank.
Don’t be too hard on yourself,you are doing a great job,sometimes you just want to feel good about yourself and the only person that can make it happen is yourself.Dont wait for no one to tell you how great you are.Reward yourself.

What is it about bags and women?Does it make a statement about you or does it add to the way an outfit looks?What difference would a £1000 bag make a difference to a £50 bag.Can we discuss,share your ideas? My view is people will always judge you with the what bag you are carrying or what shoes you have on,I feel like these two always have a way of defining a person.What do you ladies think?


My first blog💃🏻

Finally excited to finally pen my ideas and thoughts into existence.Lets face it the world can be very lonely and it’s always good to have an outlet to inspire others and to be also inspired.It could be daily living activities,fashion ,health and beauty,educational and any other issues that can inspire someone and put a smile on their face.We are all beautiful in our own way,Lets embrace our uniqueness ,together LETS SLAY.