Celine sunglasses dupes

I know that not many of us cannot afford luxury items but that doesn’t or should not stop you looking like a celebrity if you want to ..🤷‍♀️I am just saying ,you can bring out the inner celebrity in you and look cool like everyone else..a lot of the times social media has made people feel inadequate and every time   you scroll down your instagram pictures you start comparing yourself to everyone else and you think your life really sucks. In most cases people have not spent a lot of money to look like that ,its all about presentation,how you put things together as well as  knowing where to shop/find these items .

I am a personal shopper  certified by my own standards and i know how to find my way round the internet to find stuff depending on any budget.Thats more like a hobby of mine as I love fashion and I like to see people looking good and happy.When you look good and you get that compliment your confident definitely goes up and you feel like you are walking on water.I have been there trust me and i love the feeling that i get when i get that compliment and most times people do not believe it when i tell them how much my out fit cost…If you love looking at luxury items and you cannot afford them the best advice i can give you is to go for dupes…..they are the way to go when you have not made it to Chanel,Gucci etc.

Dupes are items that are inspired by real designers items and they are targeted at people who can’t afford the real thing…So you see there is someone out there who cares about us..So I found these glasses they are a dupe of the celine sunglasses and they are gorgeous,the only difference with the real ones is that they don’t have a celine logo..The real ones cost between £150 to £200 depending on where you buy them from…So i have made this simple for you if you love these trendy fashionable glasses..the link below will give you that…look…

Don’t be left behind this summer ,and besides it’s a good time to take pictures for your blog Instagram etc and show everyone how cool you look..


These dupes cost £6.99 from amazon and am not kidding they look fab…click the link below for a lovely affordable price that is not going to break your bank balance.I love mine.


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