Denim jacket,a girl best friend 

Every lady should have a blue denim jacket in their wardrobe,It is a must have accessory.There is something about the denim jacket that makes your outfit look chic and classy.

The most trendy one at the moment is the oversized one and the distressed one.It Depends with what look you are going for.The plain one is safer for all occasions if you can’t afford to get more than one.

For those that love maxi dresses,a denim jacket will add the chic to that maxi dress. It can also be worn with a pair of black jeans and this time add a pair of heels to make the outfit a bit classy.Trust me there is no way you can not turn heads with that.There is nothing wrong with you turning up for an event and all eyes on you for the right reasons.Again you don’t need to spend a lot of money or break the bank to make this happen.

Spring and summer are always the best times to have a denim jacket.

So ladies start creating a space  in your wardrobe for that denim jacket and you won’t regret it.It is a girl best friend.

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