What a woman needs 

Ladies,yesterday I spoke about rewarding your self ,i still stand by that ,there is nothing selfish by putting your needs first once in a while.I know that everyone has a different income,a different bank balance and everyone has their fare share of bills.Today we are not going to dwell on  bills.Iam here to tell you that you still need to take care of yourself despite how much you got.For those of you that live in the 🇬🇧,I think everyone would know that there is enough for every budget.For instance if you go to Asda ,Primark you can get affordable material,it just depends how you rock it.Same with food you can buy groceries for £20 in Asda to feed the whole family for a week,that is what is called living according to your means and still be able to survive.

Do not be left behind because you cant afford this and that,Live according to your means and still be able to maintain yourself. 

Know which shops to go to that suit your budget and with planning you will constantly be able to go up the ladder and eventually be able to afford luxury items.

Practice with the less affordable stuff and by the time you get the expensive staff you already a pro.

I will give you an example ,when I started doing my make up I used to use the cheapest foundation as I did not really know how to apply make up properly.I was learning and I didn’t need to practice using expensive stuff,besides I could not afford it.I wasn’t mad though,I was happy at least I could afford some.I used to frequent the African shops, in the streets of London and buy make up there .With £10 I had foundation,lipstick,powder,eyeliner,and eyeliner palette and I was happy.That used to last me about two months or three.With time when I mastered the art of make up,I wanted more and better,I picked overtime at work and steadily I kept improving my products according to my wallet,and I must say over the years now I have managed to use different products ,I now know what works for my skin.I maintained myself without breaking the bank and when I look back I thank God for where Iam now,and Iam grateful for where I have been because I learnt a lot.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a few steps.

Do not wait until you have enough money because money will never be enough.

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I am a wife ,a mother,Personal shopper,blogger,Nurse practitioner,saving people lives 👩🏽‍⚕️.I can save you!!

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